Dedication and Ingenuity

With Dan’s and Phil’s vision, hard work, perseverance as well as their persistent focus on doing things right for customers, HVAC Concepts has grown into a premier provider of BAS, EMS and Systems Integration, and 24/7 Remote Monitoring and Alarm Management services for the Building IoT in the Washington, DC area and along the eastern United States.

There are many people that work very hard to make HVAC Concepts successful and without them we would not be able to achieve the level of service and excellence our customers expect and deserve.



Management Team

Daniel Drury

President & Partner


Daniel Drury joined HVAC Concepts in 1988 as a programming intern. Since then he has lived through the evolution of Building Management Systems. Dan is a strong advocate of open systems and solutions being in the customers best interests. Dan is hands on with programming and the design of most customer projects.

Philip Redman

Vice President & Partner


In 2006 Phil Redman joined HVAC Concepts and has been instrumental in expanding HVAC Concepts' business and customer base, and sharing his extensive knowledge consulting with customers.

Tom Oertel

Design Manager


Tom oversees all HVAC Concepts integration designs. He takes the plans and specs, or project contract documents and turns them into a workable design for installation and programming.

Chris Werneke

Operations Manager - Projects


Chris works with new and existing customers to understand, consult and manage their current and future needs. He is also responsible for all project management resources.

Tim Cramer

Operations Manager - Service & Monitoring


Tim is responsible for managing customer support and our 24/7 remote monitoring and alarm management services.

Jay Lusk

IT & Network Systems Director


Jay is responsible for managing HVAC Concepts internal IT requirements, as well as working with our customer IT organizations to ensure their network systems requirements are understood and met.

Tabetha Buchanan

Human Resources Manager


Tabetha is responsible for all HVAC Concepts employee satisfaction and requirements and has extensive experience in human resource management.

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